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iM3 CR 7 Protective Sheaths

from $44.50

Size 0:  Protective sheaths for the image plate format 2 x 3 cm. Supplied in pack of 100 pcs.  Size 1: Protective sheaths for the image plate format 2 x...

iM3 CR-7 Image Plates

from $195.00

The CR7 Vet has the largest range of high resolution image plates including sizes 0,1,2,3,4,5 & specially shaped intra oral plates for rabbits!With DR systems you are often limited to size 2...

iM3 CR7 Vet Dental Imaging System


The CR7 VET provides unsurpassed high-resolution dental images, fast processing time, user friendly software and the largest range of reusable flexible plate sizes for dental and small animal extremity applications....

BIO-RAY HR Intraoral Digital X-Ray Sensor

from $4,875.00

BIO-RAY HR Intraoral Digital X-Ray Includes: Bio-Ray HR water resistant sensor Direct USB connection (no USB connection box) Metron Software with 1 acquisition license & 2 viewing stations Metron Installation...

Digital X-Ray Sensor Cover / Syringe Sleeve


Without Opening, 2.5” x 10” / 6 x 25 cm, 500/box

iM3 Revolution 4DC Dental X-ray Generator


The Revolution 4DC Dental X-ray generator features the latest technology. Specifically conceived for digital X-Ray imaging, the constant potential tube head combined with the smallest focal spot available for intraoral...

iM3 iP Cleaning Wipes


Image plate wpes are suitable for cleaning CR7 image plates. The IP wipes are designed not to damage the high resolution image plate surface. 10 wipes supplied per box.

iM3 X-Ray Bisecting Angle Guide & Instructions


iM3 adjustable bisecting angle guide complete with instructions.

iM3 Dental X-ray Positioning Kit


Take the guess work out of dental radiographs with iM3's Dental X-ray positioning kit. The kits includes size 2, 4 & 5 Polycarbonate IP bite protectors, positioning guides with set...

Sigma RayOs DC Skanray

from $3,995.00

The Skanray high frequency intra-oral X-Ray System comes with a vet based clear LCD display, factory set parameters, and customizable settings that can be stored for ease of use. It’s...

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