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AlumiSpec™ Equine Speculum

The MAI AlumiSpec™ Equine Speculum is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum. The wide aluminum design also allows X-Rays to be taken without distortion, and allows room for X-Ray plates to...

X Spec™ Equine Speculum

The X Spec™ Equine Speculum is the next generation equine speculum. It is an enhanced version of the original AlumiSpec™ that is well known and trusted throughout the veterinary industry. The light...

Veterinary dental magnetic spec BiteLite™. The BiteLite™ contains 2 LED lights that give 8-10 hours of light and a USB charging cable.

Magnetic Spec BiteLite™

$607.00 $372.00

The Magnetic Spec BiteLite™ fits most styles and sizes of speculums by attaching to the upper bite plate. The unit contains 2 LED lights that use 3 "AA" batteries, providing about...

Magnetic Speculum Plate


The magnetic plate is designed for use with non-magnetic speculums. It enables the use of Magnetic Spec BiteLite™ with non-magnetic speculums.

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