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Cislak EX-118 Serona Feline Extraction Kit (9 pc.)


Cislak EX-118 9 Piece Serona Feline Extraction Kit consists of Serona's top feline extraction instruments including elevators, periosteal elevator, surgical bone curette, and root tip pick. You can also have...

Cislak Niemiec Extraction Kit

from $832.60

The Cislak EX126 Niemiec Extraction Kit contains select instruments that are recommended by Brook Niemiec, DVM, FAVD, Dip. AVDC, Dip. EVDC includes: Cislak EX-1WS7 Baby Molt Periosteal Elevator Cislak EX-27 Small...

Cislak EX-125 Serona Canine Supplemental Extraction Kit


The Cislak EX125 Serona Canine Supplemental Extraction Kit is meant to be used as an addition to the EX-118 Feline Extraction Kit. The Kit Includes: Cislak EX2 Surgical Bone Curette Cislak...

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