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NSK NPA-SU03 Pana-Air PB Standard Turbine Canister


Turbine for the following handpiece: IN-20-255-0009 IN-20-255-0010 Easy to change, do it by yourself!

A/W Syringe Button Repair Kit, autoclavable


Not compatible with iM3 Air Water Syringe handpieces. Instructions How to Replace & Clean Syringe Buttons. Table Packages Model No. 50602 Olympic Fold-Up Gurney™ with Soft Stretcher Model No. 50604...

iM3 Turbine for MidWest HS Handpiece


Turbine for the following handpiece: L5010 If the serial number of your handpiece starts by VFOLO, the turbine need to be replace by a technician, please send back your handpiece...

iM3 Turbine Replacement Midi Head Cartridge Type


Turbine for the following handpiece: L5200S (if the serial number of your handpiece starts with 2) L5300S Easy to change, you can do it by yourself!

L6074 Turbine


The L6074 turbine is for the iM3 H2020 and H2030 high speed handpieces. A back cap wrench is included making it very easy to change yourself.

iM3 Turbine for L7100/L7200 HS Handpieces


Turbine for the following handpieces: iM3 Advantage L7100 iM3 Advantage L7200 Turbine is easy to change, you can do it yourself!

iM3 Air/Water Syringe


3 way air/water syringe for iM3 dental machines.

Turbine for Pana Air Style Standard Push Button Handpiece


Replacement turbine for a number of brands of Pana Air Style standard push button high speed handpieces (NSK-A485A), including the following Inovadent high speed handpieces: MAI-54900  (IN-20-255-0009) MAI-54901  (IN-20-255-0010)  ...

Autoclavable Plug End Cap for Bonart Style Piezo Handpiece


The end cap is designed to protect Bonart style piezo handpieces during autoclaving.The end cap will fit both the Inovadent IN-20-255-0001 scaler handpiece and the iM3 IM-O9440 scaler handpiece. Like...

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