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Wrench - for High Speed Handpiece


Please note handpiece wrenches are not universal. If you're unsure if this wrench is compatible with your handpiece, please contact our office for assistance. 

Turbine BT4-M, for Beyes HP2105 HS Handpiece (M200E, M200, SA20)


The BT-4M replacement turbine fits Beyes Mini-Head High Speed Handpieces (Maxso M200E, Maxso M200, SA20), including BE-HP2105. The turbine can be easily replaced with use of an appropriate back cap...

NSK NPA-SU03 Pana-Air PB Standard Turbine Canister


Turbine for the following handpiece: IN-20-255-0009 IN-20-255-0010 Easy to change, do it by yourself!

A/W Syringe Button Repair Kit, autoclavable


Not compatible with iM3 Air Water Syringe handpieces. Instructions How to Replace & Clean Syringe Buttons.

5 Hole Gasket for Hi & Low Speed Handpieces


Interchangeable with IN-20-208-0001 and MAI-54910

Turbine for Pana Air Style Standard Push Button Handpiece


Replacement turbine for a number of brands of Pana Air Style standard push button high speed handpieces (NSK-A485A), including the following Inovadent high speed handpieces: MAI-54900  (IN-20-255-0009) MAI-54901  (IN-20-255-0010)  

Autoclavable Plug End Cap for Bonart Style Piezo Handpiece


The end cap is designed to protect Bonart style piezo handpieces during autoclaving.The end cap will fit both the Inovadent IN-20-255-0001 scaler handpiece and the iM3 IM-O9440 scaler handpiece. Like...

4 Hole Gasket for Hi & Low Speed Handpieces


Interchangeable with IN-20-208-0000 and MAI-54911

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