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iM3 Advantage Low Speed Motor with MD-30


Advantage low speed handpiece (motor) is ergonomically designed to be more user friendly. The motor is light weight and shorter than conventional low speed motors. Maximum speed 25,000rpm, the LS...

iM3 Advantage 4:1 Straight Nose Cone


The Advantage 4:1 reduction straight nose cone reduces the speed of the low speed handpiece (motor) and accepts disposable prophy angles for polishing. The unique design means the nose cone...

iM3 Straight Nose Cone 1:1


Straight Nose Cone 1:1 ratio uses HP burs for rabbit and orthopedic work. Autoclavable.

iM3 1:1 LED Advantage Surgical Straight Nose Cone


The LED advantage provides bright white LED light, illuminating the oral cavity in small rabbits and rodents. Self-generated LED white daylight, produced by the drive shaft of the low speed...

Beyes 4:1 Sheath, Non Spray, Non Optic (For Slow Speed Motor)


This Beyes 4:1 Reduction Sheath is made to fit on your slow speed motor, and is used with a contra angle type head. The Beyes contra angles available for this...

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