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Vetcorder Pro


What's New?The Vetcorder has been updated to include a durable protective case integrated with a multi-parameter splitter. Updated app to include continuous monitoring via Bluetooth and an internal temperature probe to monitor core...

Vetcorder Airmate Replacement Filters

from $50.00

Vetcorder Airmate replacement filters. Available in packages of 5 and 25. The Vetcorder Airmate itself will stop working once it determines that the filter is full and needs to be changed. ...

Vetcorder™ Pro + Vetcorder™ AirMate™ Capnograph


Vetcorder™ Portable Patient Monitor and Vetcorder™ AirMate™ Capnograph. **Please note until the new year, this combo will come with the VetCorder Original and not Pro.  Vetcorder™ Pro Vetcorder™ AirMate™ Capnograph...

Vetcorder Airmate Portable Sidestream Capnography


The Vetcorder AirMate is a portable capnograph that allows the veterinary team to monitor their patients continuously from induction through recovery. The Vetcorder's size allows for ease of use in...

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