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iM3 Table Top Mouth Gag (Rodent/Rabbit)


The adjustable Table Top Mouth Gag was designed by iM3 with the help of specialists to hold an anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and...

iM3 Rabbit & Rodent Instrument Kit, 8 piece


Rabbit and Rodent 8 piece set in zipper case. Ideal for Vets who want to preform rabbit & rodent dentistry. This instrument set was developed with the help of Dr...

Cislak Legendre Rabbit/Rodent Extraction Kit


Cislak EX-114, Legendre Rabbit/Rodent Extraction comes with your choice of handle size and shank length for the single ended elevators. The double ended elevators come standard with Feather-Weight (XL) handles....

Cislak Rabbit & Rodent Mouth Gag


Cislak EX-37 rabbit and rodent mouth gag. Can't Find What You Are Looking For?We can custom order any Cislak instrument. If the combination of tip(s), handle, or shank is not...

iM3 Rodent Wire Mouth Gag


Lightweight design with light spring action. Suitable for chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats and small rabbits. Enhances inspection of oral cavity.

iM3 Rodent Mouth Gag


The Jaws of the new Rodent mouth gag are covered in soft plastic reducing trauma. This gag is lighter than comparable gags to reduce the weight on the animals jaws....

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