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iM3 Anaesthetic Masks

from $41.95

Unbreakable, see-through low dead space anesthetic masks. Designed in Australia by iM3 with replaceable soft diaphragms. Available in 5 sizes: XS - Bird/Rodent (25mm opening) S - Feline (35mm opening) M...

iM3 Resuscitator

from $30.00

For emergency artificial respiration. The small resuscitation bag is ideal for administering either pure oxygen or air to oxygen deprived dogs and cats. Can be used with a standard endotracheal...

McCulloch medical one puff puppy & kitten aspirator/resuscitator kit that includes an aspirator pump, resuscitator pump, carrying case, & instructions.

McCulloch Medical One Puff Puppy & Kitten Aspirator / Resuscitator Kit

$154.00 $140.00

Save 10% until July 31, 2019 in honor of the 2019 CVMA-WSAVA! The One Puff Kit clears breathing pathways and stimulates the first breaths of distressed newborn puppies, kittens and...

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