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RX Hone Cleaner, 0.5oz


The 0.5 oz Rx Hone Cleaner is used for cleaning the honing stones and disks. This gel removes the metal from the stones and disks in seconds.

Diamond Honing Disk (D shaft), 400 grit, 51mm (2")


The 400 grit Diamond Disk is used for sharpening dull and damaged instruments that need an aggressive grit to bring their edges back to life and is the fastest way...

Black Rubberized Silicon Carbide (hard) Honing Disc (D shaft), 51mm (2")


The black RSC hard disk is used to renew an edge that has begun to lose sharpness. It is made of carbide impregnated rubber and when used in conjunction with...

Rx Honing Machine, Periodontal Set


The Periodontal/General Dentistry Sharpening Set is used for sharpening all hygiene instruments, dental instruments, periodontal knives, and dental scissors. Please note the 100V is for use in North America, 220V...

Dentanomic™ Blade Honing Pack


The Dentanomic™ Blade Honing Pack includes a set of two extra-fine diamond-coated honing tools intended to hone and freshen Dentanomic™ elevation and luxation blades, maintaining their effectiveness and extending their...

RX Honing Machine Workstation (110V)


The Rx Workstation is ideal for up-close work. The workstation includes a stand with lamp and 2/4 power magnifier. The lamp and magnifier are mounted on 18" flex arms and...

Leather Honing Disc (D shaft)


The Leather Honing Disk is used for polishing and finishing the fine edges of knives and instruments. It is used in conjunction with the Rx Hi-Finish. Please Note: The Leather...

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