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iM3 P6 Piezo LED Ultrasonic Scaler with 4 Scaling Tips


iM3 P6 LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler is compact in size and high in quality with a working Freq.: 30,000 Hz. The tip action is linear and the movement of the...

iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic Scaler


Unlike other ultrasonic tooth scalers that use a “jack hammer” approach to tooth scaling, the iM3 42-12 adopts a more gentle technique with its revolutionary rotational tip movement and ultrasonic...

iM3 Ultra LED Piezo with scaling tips


The Ultra LED Piezo ultrasonic scaler has been designed for use in the areas of scaling, periodontology, endodontics, and micro-preparation. The ergonomic design and light weight of the handpiece make...

Comfort-Sonic LED P9


The Comfort-Sonic LED P9 offers the convenience of a portable unit with a built in solution water container leaving no need for water lines or water ports. Simply plug the...

Comfort-Sonic LED P6 Plus


The Comfort-Sonic P6 Plus offers the convenience of a portable unit that can be connected to any high speed dental machine with a quick disconnect water port. It is simple...

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