At RGP we take what the customer says to heart. At the recommendation of many of our long...
At RGP we take what the customer says to heart. At the recommendation of many of our long time customers, we have combined our 400 seating series with our Straddle Stool concept. This chair will provide superior back support but will also relieve leg pressure while allowing the user to sit either high up in standing posture or low with the legs at 90 degrees.

Introducing RGP’s new '400-Straddle Stool'. This unit provides optimal seating allowing for proper positioning of the spine and the pelvis. The equestrian style seat pre-positions you into an anterior pelvic tilt that is important to maintaining good posture throughout the workday. The angle of seat allows for proper balance of core muscles and allows for the maintenance of normal curvature or ‘Lordosis’ with or without the use of the backrest. You decide whether you want to perch forward and work using the saddle concept or if you want to lower the chair a bit and snug the backrest in to provide support to the lower back. This stool hits on all points and has been a huge success in the short time since it's inception.

The 'Active Seating' allows the user to adjust the chair into infinite positions. The chair comes built with a taller piston which will accommodate a very wide range of heights. Arm supports are available to help eliminate shoulder, neck, upper back, and arm fatigue.

  • Active Seating
  • Hydraulically Controlled Single Lever Mechanism
  • Patented Split Backrest
  • Protective Edging around backrest pads
  • Equestrian Style Saddle seat cushion
  • Built with tall cylinder height (20.5"-30.5" seat level)
  • Flexible telescoping arm supports available
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on mechanical components

  • Cylinder Recommendations:
  • The stool comes built with our 'tall' cylinder to accommodate most users
  • Under 5'2- 'standard' cylinder suggested
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