Bio Lube™ Handpiece Cleaner & Lubricant Pens Set

SKU: MAI-54880

Sale price$75.25


This set comes with two .25 oz. Bio Lube™ Advanced Handpiece Lubricant pens and a 7 oz. bottle of aerosol Bio Lube™ Advanced Handpiece Cleaner. Both Bio Lube™ Advanced Handpiece Lubricant & Cleaner are non-toxic and non-flammable, and will not void any air powered handpiece warranty.
Bio Lube Advanced Handpiece Lubricant is a synthetic biodegradable handpiece lubricant that is safe for all high speed and low speed handpieces. Bio Lube™ Advanced Handpiece Lubricant is not an oil, instead it is the first Nano lubricant. Nano lubricant technology eliminates problems long associated with sterilization, and can virtually eliminate 90% of friction and wear. It reconditions bearing cages and helps keep O-rings pliable.
Bio Lube™ Advanced Handpiece Cleaner is an aerosol spray that eliminates sticky residue caused by traditional lubrication that leads to sluggish handpieces and handpiece failure. It works by evaporating old oil, dried blood, and saliva from internal parts and can help free up frozen turbines.

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