Cislak Back-Bent Winged Elevator Kit (EX-WB5-7 & 8)


Cislak EX-121 back-bent winged elevator kit includes: EX-WB5 EX-WB6 EX-WB7  EX-WB8 Available in your choice of handle and...
Shank Length

Cislak EX-121 back-bent winged elevator kit includes:

Available in your choice of handle and shank size.

Winged elevators can be used to cover most extraction procedures. The elevators is used with a steady gentle rotational pressure for 10 to 30 seconds to fatigue the periodontal ligament and cause hemorrhage among its fibers.


As the space allows, the elevator is pressed further apically along the tooth, using a slow twisting action on the instrument. Excess force should not be necessary if correct technique is used.

Proper handle size is important to ensure that the instrument can be held correctly to prevent slippage, especially with bone structure of questionable stability that could fracture. 

The Winged elevators should not be used in levered action since their function is to sever the ligament by sliding around the root. Once the tooth becomes loose, the elevator can be pressed to the bottom of the alveolus with leverage to remove the tooth.

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We can customize any Cislak instrument. If the combination of tip(s), handle, or shank is not available online please contact us to place your custom order!

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