Cislak Freer #16 Periosteal Elevator


Periosteal elevators are used to lift a muco-periosteal flap off the bone when performing surgical extractions. The Mini-Freer...

Periosteal elevators are used to lift a muco-periosteal flap off the bone when performing surgical extractions. The Mini-Freer #16 is a double-ended periosteal elevator suitable for use with mid-large size dogs. Both ends are rounded, with one end dull and curved at an apx. 90 degree angle, while the other end is sharp, and relatively straight with a subtle, apx. 15 degree curve. Because of its size, shape and curved ends, this instrument is alternatively useful as a tissue retractor. In practice, it is recommended that this instrument be dedicated for use as either a periosteal elevator, or as a retractor, but should not be used for both purposes. Once a periosteal elevator has been used as a retractor and sustained any damage from a dental bur, it should no longer be used as a periosteal elevator. Doing so can cause tearing of the tissue.

Knowing the importance of being able to hold instruments correctly and comfortably, Cislak offers multiple handle choices to suit all customers. The Featherweight XL handle is Cislak’s most popular handle for this type of instrument. The XL handle is an ergonomic, light-weight and slightly larger (thicker) handle that offers a very comfortable grip for most users.

Cislak Manufacturing is the source for quality crafted dental hand instruments for veterinarians. Cislak has worked with a number of veterinary dental specialists to develop their line of instruments with specific veterinary needs in mind. All Cislak instruments are made of the highest quality materials in the USA or Europe (the only exceptions are noted). The Mini-Freer 16 XL is made in the USA. Cislak’s instruments are hand made and individually inspected to ensure each instrument meets their exacting standards.

When worn or damaged, Cislak periosteal elevators can be returned to Serona Animal Health to be re-tipped. Reusing the handle with new tips inserted is not only environmentally friendly, it’s more economical than replacement with a new instrument. 

Recommended autoclave temperature: 135 degrees Celsius/ 275 degrees Fahrenheit

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