Dentanomic Winged Elevator Tips

SKU: MAI-54543-2

Size (mm): 2mm
Sale price$42.00


4 Dentanomic Replacement Tips for Winged Elevator available:

  • MAI-54543-2 - Dentanomic Winged Elevator Tip, 2 mm
  • MAI-54543-3 - Dentanomic Winged Elevator Tip, 3 mm
  • MAI-54543-4 - Dentanomic Winged Elevator Tip, 4 mm
  • MAI-54543-5 - Dentanomic Winged Elevator Tip, 5 mm

The Dentanomic Winged Elevator Tips are also sold in the Dentanomic Tip Set, the Gold Dentanomic Dental Kit, the Silver Dentanomic Dental Kit, and the Bronze Dentanomic Dental Kit.

The Dentanomic removable and replaceable instrument blades are crafted from high grade hardened and tempered steel to give them a superb cutting edge, and are specially designed for veterinary dental surgery. A tougher, more precise cutting edge means surgery will be easier. A sharp blade means you won’t have to push as hard, making surgery safer, faster and easier.

Dentanomic revolutionary modular blade system makes it easier to maintain your instruments in optimal condition. The blades can be removed and replaced in a few seconds, while staying absolutely strong and stable during surgery. It is also easy to replace blades when damaged or to make up a surgical kit with fewer Dentanomic handles (Available in small and large sizes) and a wider range of blades.

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