EEZY-View™ Dental Camera Base Unit

SKU: MAI-52500

Sale price$579.75


The EEZY-View™ Dental Camera comes with the base unit & LCD monitor with carrying case. It offers a crisp clear image with its 6 levels of LED lights. 

The 360 degree rotation of the camera shaft makes for easy positioning and optimal view of the oral cavity. The unit is portable with a detachable wireless LCD monitor. An SD card is included for image and video storage.

  • Crisp, clear image
  • LED lights (6 levels)
  • 360-degree rotation of camera shaft
  • Portable unit
  • Detachable, wireless LCD monitor
  • SD card included for image / video storage

The base unit is to be used with one of three EEzy-View Camera options below:

  • MAI-52505 EEZY-View™ Camera, 10 mm OD x 430 mm Length, Rigid, 90-Degree View
  • MAI-52510EEZY-View™ Camera, 10 mm OD x 430 mm Length, Semi-Rigid, 90-Degree View
  • MAI-52520EEZY-View™ Camera, 6mm OD x 1000 mm Length, Semi-Rigid, Front View

Replacement Parts:

  • MAI-52515 - LCD Monitor
  • MAI-52517 - Monitor Replacement Charging Cord
  • MAI-52519 - Camera, 32GB Micro SD Card w/ Adapter

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