FG Flat-End Cross-Cut Fissure Burs

SKU: BR-H31.31.008

Head Size: 555
Sale price$11.00


Cross cut taper fissure burs and cross cut straight fissure burs are useful for sectioning teeth and removing buccal bone. The only difference between the two (as seen in the above image) is that the straight fissure is…well…straight, not tapered. Both types of burs are available in short, regular and surgical Length shank, and regular or long (L) cutting Length. Only the sides of these burs are used to cut, you cannot cut with the tip. Some recommended cross cut burs are the 699 and 700 for felines, and the 701, 701L, 701L surgical Length, and the 702L surgical Length for canines.

A package of five individually sealed FG (friction grip) flat-end cross-cut straight fissure burs in regular length. Will fit all standard high speed dental handpieces. 

Cutting Length (mm): 4.7

Head Size (1/10 mm): 018

Qty Per Pk: 5
Head Shape: Flat-End Cross-Cut Fissure
Shank Type: 31-Friction Grip Standard
Shank Size: 19 mm

iM3 bur code and corresponding Serona product code:

Bur iM3 Code Serona SKU
556 FG
557 FG
558 FG
559 FG C9300 BR-H31.31.014

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