iM3 Piezo P4/6 Tips

SKU: IM-O9431

BS-: 1
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BS-1 is a pointed universal piezo tip that is best for general deposit removal in all quadrants.

BS-2 is a flat chisel piezo tip that is best for removing resin-free ortho cements. It may also be used for supragingival calculus removal.

BS-3 tip is a rounded flat piezo tip. The rounded edge is good for gentle scaling.

BS-P is a flat slim piezo perio tip designed for supra and sub-gingival scaling.

BS-PFU is a fine, slim straight-angled perio universal tip. This tip is longer and thinner than BS-1 and is designed to reach difficult-to-reach spots near the posterior teeth.


All of the above tips are made with stainless steel and are suitable for use with P3II, P3III, P4, P6, PB3, SP6 and Satelec ultrasonic piezo scalers.

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