RGP Flex-Saddle

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Material: Vinyl
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RGP has always been a believer in listening to customer requests and feedback.  We listen to big suggestions and we listen to small ones.   In doing so we realized that by eliminating our older style single padded backrest that we offered for nearly 15 years throughout the 90's and 2000's, we may have not considered some of our customers who still prefer a single padded backrest rather than our patented Split Backrest Design.  RGP is  proud to introduce one of our newest operator & hygiene stools- the Flex Saddle. We may be a little biased but we believe this chair can stand with any chair in the market in terms of overall comfort and lumbar support.  It can also be used for veterinary use, ophthalmology, dermatology, for daily use at computers, and much more. 

The new RGP Flex-Saddle combines our hydraulic Active seating with a double foam lumbar support that hits in all the right places.  The Saddle shaped seat promotes a downward leg angle and rolled pelvis.  With limited pressure on the thighs and less pressure on the hips, this seat shape combined with our unique backrest will promote a healthy and proper posture while helping relieve those daily aches and pains associated with repetitive motions at home or in the workplace.   Stay mobile in this chair and use it seated high or seated low thanks to the lumbar support and seat shape.

Customize our chairs to match ANY color you can imagine- we have access to them all.  Also ask about adding our Relax or Hydro Telescoping Arm Supports or our Posiflex Arm Supports which can be seen in the images of the product. 

Cylinder Recommendations:
  • Under 5'3 'standard' cylinder suggested
  • Over 5'4- 6'6 'tall' cylinder suggested

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