RGP Saddle Stool

SKU: RGP Saddle Stool-Vinyl

Material: Vinyl
Sale price$740.00


The RGP Saddle Stool is a great stool for someone who typically wants to work higher and doesn't normally use the backrest on their stool.  The equestrian style saddle seat cushion will position the legs in a downward slope and will allow the user closer access to the patient.  It has a tilt option to adjust the angle of the cushion. This seat also forces anterior pelvic tilt and aligns the spine in more of its natural positioning.  

The hip and knee joints stay open as the user sits higher and the core muscles are engaged. There is minimal pressure under the legs and the chair is also very compact making it easy to fit in any small space or around any patient chair.

  • Equestrian style saddle seat cushion
  • Dual lever mechanism with seat tilt adjustment
  • Tall Cylinder for wide height range
  • Compact Size
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on mechanical components

  • Cylinder Recommendations:
  • Stool comes built with the 'tall' cylinder for maximum height range
  • For users under 5 feet we recommend building the chair with the 'standard' cylinder
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