RT-4: Cislak Double-Ended Canine Root Tip Pick (Heidbrink 13/14)


RT-4: Cislak Double-Ended Canine Root Tip Pick (Heidbrink 13/14). Choose Your Handle The Cislak Way Warranty Please note:...

RT-4: Cislak Double-Ended Canine Root Tip Pick (Heidbrink 13/14).

  • Choose Your Handle
  • The Cislak Way
  • Warranty

  • Please note: the colored silicone handles are a custom order and take a minimum of 8 weeks for production.

    Choosing Your Handle Size

    Cislak prophy instruments have 3 different handle choices:

    Featherweight XL (Most Popular)
    A ergonomical, light-weight and slightly larger handle that offers a very comfortable grip for most users.

    These handles are made with colourful soft silicone grips combined with durable stainless steel and are fully autoclavable.

    A thinner and heavier handle option.
    The Cislak Way

    Cislak Manufacturing is the source for quality crafted dental hand instruments for the veterinarian. All Cislak instruments are made of the highest quality materials in the USA or Europe (the only exceptions are noted). Cislak’s instruments are all hand checked so they meet their exacting standards and have a life time warranty. Cislak has worked with a number of veterinary dental specialists to develop a line of instruments with specific veterinary needs in mind. Knowing the importance of being able to hold the instrument correctly, Cislak offers multiple handle choices to suit all customers.

    Cislak instruments also come with the added benefit of the ability to be re-tipped because they are manufactured in such a way that the handle and shank can be separated. Customers can then save the handles of any damaged or worn instruments and send them to Serona for re-tipping, rather than replacing them with new instruments at a higher cost.

    Cislak Warranty

    Cislak’s warranty covers all of their instruments for 100% of all material failure and workmanship defects. Material failure is defined as any defect, pitting or corroding or breakage due to a fault in the steel or handle of an instrument. Any instrument found to have these types of defects will be repaired or replaced.

    Cislak’s warranty does not cover instruments that break due to over or improper use, improper cleaning or sterilization (sterilizing with bad water or the wrong temperature), dropped instruments, improper sharpening or normal wear and tear.
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