Sigma RayOs DC Skanray

SKU: SX-SD4815-15

Arm Extension: 15"
Mobile Stand: No
Sale price$3,995.00


The Skanray high frequency intra-oral X-Ray System comes with a vet based clear LCD display, factory set parameters, and customizable settings that can be stored for ease of use. It’s 0.4mm focal spot will provide the highest quality image when paired with a quality image capturing device.

The unit comes standard with an internal console and dead man switch only, with the option of adding an external remote console ($250), or a doorbell type wall mount activator ($150). Available in three different lengths (15", 24", or 32" making total arm length 66",75", or 84"), the SkanRay arms are stable and easily adjustable. The high gloss polyurethane finish proves to be durable and easy to clean. These units can be wall mounted or the choice of adding a stable heavy casted base is also available. The Skanray comes with a 2 year warranty.

Warranty 2 years
High Voltage Ripple Frequency >200kHz
Focal Spot (IEC60336) 0.4mm IEC
Tube Voltage 60kV - 70kV Settable (Step size 1kV)
Maximum Exposure Time 3.5 sec up to 6mA (7 & 8 mA 200ms max.)
Minimum Exposure Time 10ms
Total X-Ray filtration >2.5 mm Al equivalent at 70 kV
Duty Cycle 1:15 Automatic limit based on temperature

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