StopLik ™ Lick Deterrent Aid 12/pkg

SKU: MAI-57615

Size (12/Box): 1.62"
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StopLik deters the habitual licking that can cause open sores. It also discourages pets from removing bandages during healing, allowing open sores to be more successfully treated.

Designed to discourage pets from licking a sore or wound, StopLik™ is applied over a bandage placed over the site and delivers a mild electric stimulus to the tongue of the pet when licked. Harmless to the pet - the stimulus is similar in strength to one from a watch battery - StopLik™ is activated by moisture. Pets who feel the tingling on their tongue and the unpleasant taste eventually stop licking. 

Veterinarians also use StopLik™ to discourage pets from pulling out IVs, Seton drains and urinary catheters or licking surgical stitches on their abdomen and torso. 

StopLik™  Lick Deterrent Aids are powered by small electric cells similar to watch batteries and are available in various color-coded widths that can be trimmed to size.


  • Wide 3"
  • Narrow 1.62"
  • Mixed Box


  • No drugs
  • Alternative to Elizabethan Collar, Bitter Apple Spray
  • Field-tested 
  • Non-hazardous


  • Lick Granuloma
  • Licking, tearing at surgical stitches
  • Other pets tampering with bandages

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